Don't be fooled into thinking this was an easy build.  There were many moments when we thought we were mad for ever taking on the project and could have packed the whole thing in.  There are also things I would have done differently if starting again, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and the project was a valuable learning experience if nothing else.  My biggest piece of advice if you decide to start a similar project is to:

1) Start in the summer

2) Invest in some decent power tools

3) Make sure you go through a couple of plans before the build

4) DON'T by a van that has any leaks (This took up most of our time)

5) Be prepared to make mistakes, but don't be afraid to try.

6) Now I'm all for recycling but don't always try and save money by buying second hand equipment, especially anything to do with plumbing or electrics most the time it wont work properly and you end up paying the price as we found out on numerous occasions. 

But we did it, its May 2015 and the van is finished.  It took a lot longer then expected due to various reasons and A LOT more money then we anticipated.  But we have a place to call home, and the adventure starts here! :)